Amniotic Band Syndrome

Case #001


Newborn boy noted to have a left lower extremity deformity.


Bilateral lower extremity radiographs demonstrate shortening and posterior bowing of the left tibia and fibula with skin indentation of the mid and lower left leg.


Amniotic Band Syndrome


Amniotic Band Syndrome refers to a set of congenital malformations that result from bands of amniotic tissue sticking, entangling and disrupting the normal development of fetal parts. Malformations can range from minor constriction rings around the digits or limbs causing distal edema to significant craniofacial deformities, internal malformations or limb amputations. The nature of the deformity generally correlates with the fetal age at the time of entrapment. Early entrapment can lead to the more severe craniofacial deformities or internal malformations, while those that occur later usually affect the extremities. Deformities resulting from Amniotic Band Syndrome can be distinguished from other developmental abnormalities because they occur in random sites that are unrelated to embryonic developement.


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